Next Hot Domaining Trend: Backwording

Posted on Friday, February 29, 2008 by clicky

About 3 months ago, I had the privilege of sitting around with a few fellow domainers to discuss the possible upcoming domain trends in store for 2008 and beyond. The conversation covered all aspects of domaining which include: the future of domain parking, the evolving of security for reverse domain hijacking and the explosion of fractional domain ownership. Everyone agreed that domaining has grown into a major global marketplace with no signs of stopping.

But out of all this conversation and sharing came one topic that seemed to have everyone dazed with intrigue and the excitement of stumbling upon something bigger than us. That subject was the trend of registering domain names with reverse spellings to allow a new resource for Internet search. We didn't know what to call it so I accidentally used the word Backwording, and for the rest of the night, backwording was used to describe it and a new domaining term was created. That night I went home and registered

A few weeks went by and a fellow domainer who was part of that previous group called me up to inform me that he couldn't get the idea of "backwording" off of his mind and noticed that I was the one who registered the term. We decided to meet again and discuss more of this.

When we met, he brought with him one piece of tattered notebook paper that had a bunch of scribbling on it. He opened it up and unveiled an impressive list of sites that utilized backwording already. I was stunned. How did this slip under the domain radar? We hurriedly finished our lunch and headed back to the house for some brainstorming.

This is what we've came up with that night:

1. If a domain name utilized backwording, the last letter of the domain would be capitalized to indicate the domain is reversed. Example: would become

2. In essence, backwording would instantly "double" the amount of search results for a given search inquiry and therefore it would double the amount of potential informational resources associated with a certain keyword. Example: If a person was searching for books, instead of using the word books to search, they could type in the backworded version, skooB and an alternate path of resources would be found. They are no longer limited to just the regular keyword search.

3. Having two different platforms to search the Internet poses some questions such as TM issues, page rank issues, backlinking possibilities, SEO optimization and branding complications. Even though someone would have to actually type in the search term backwords, there might be considered association with the regular domain name. This would change the entire landscape of Internet search. The list of questions keeps growing daily.

4. The thought of a possible search engine dedicated solely to backwording came up.

5. Backwording could be used as a brand new marketing technique by companies since the new domain trend would mean the opposite of the regular domain name. Example: Reverse the way you think about Vacations, visit

6. Domain registars would totally love the trend of backwording since it allows them to double their possible revenue. Not only would they offer popular tld extensions with a purchase, but they could offer the backworded domain also.

7. A possibly new, fresh and lucrative domain marketplace could be created using backwording. This trend breathes new life in the dwindling generic domain business since tons of generic domains can still to this day (maybe not for long) be registered using backwording.

8. This creates an entirely new advertising medium for monetizing programs such as Google Adsense and Google Adwords. Maybe even the creation of a new program just for backworded domains.

The day finally ended, but the obsession with backwording did not. I registered a few more backworded domains that night and tried to sleep. It didn't work. I woke up and registered a few more.

Today, my friend called me to tell me that someone registered using backwording and the site is pointing to a John McCain website.

Welcome to the beginning of something huge.


NEW Domainer Comic Strip

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 by clicky

Check out the adventures of Kevin the Domainer.
It's a brand new comic about the average life of an average domainer. 

F.Y.I. >> The penguin's name is Stanley.

Read more here.

Link Love Tuesday: Domaining

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 by clicky

Lots of stuff going on in the domain industry, and we are lucky to have some great resources that help cover and inform all of us about the current events and present trends.  Below are some articles, tools and news that caught my attention this week.  Thanks to everybody for suggesting some of these reading selections and enjoy the domain link love.

1. - A special thanks to Francois at for inviting Logistik Labs to be part of their blog news feed.  What an honor! This site is great for getting all your latest domain headline news in one steady feed from some of the best domain blogs out there. Bookmark this site.

2. - Good domain article about how the Canadian extension .ca is picking up way better than the .us national extension. Check out the article here

3. FractionalDomaining - This blog written  by Neal Voron is a look at the world of buying, selling, owning, developing and monetizing of fractional domains. As fractional domain ownership increasingly becomes a more popular, Neal will be there to cover this every step of the way. Bookmark this.

4. DotSauce - If you don't check out this site on a regular basis, you're really missing out. Mark at DotSauce has committed himself to bringing a constant flow of good information on a regular basis to all domainers. Almost 700 RSS subscribers can't be wrong. 

5. - My day wouldn't be complete without stopping by Julia's domain blog and checking out the latest rant or opinion about our domain industry. Beware, very addictive.

6. What’s Up With GoDaddy’s .Biz Pricing? - article covering the recent price raise in Go Daddy's .biz extension pricing. 

7. Domain-Pop- (tool) I recommend this backlink checker over a few others when checking backlinks for your domains. It allows you to check Link Popularity, Domain Popularity & IP Popularity. 

Wanna get some Link Love? Send us a link to your domain article, tool or post.

Why LLL.coms are no longer "safe" bets

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2008 by clicky

Good thread going on over at the NamePros domain forum regarding one senior domainer's opinion that purchases of LLL.coms are growing inherently risky due to the possibility that the LLL domain can easily be taken away by UDRP. Read it here.

One thing I personally agree with is the suggestion that it is better to "unpark" any valuable, non-generic names due to the fact that you have no control over the advertising feed, which means that one single Trademark/competing link is enought to establish "bad faith use". This is where UDRP comes in.

Any domainer owning a needs to understand that development of this kind of domain is necessary to create your own identity with the domain name, so if another entity or business tries or attempts to legally "take" the domain, you can help your case by showing good faith use with no received revenue through advertised/competing parking.

Take a few minutes and read the NamePros post to gain some perspective of other domainers on this subject, especially if you own any's.


Domain Tool Of The Week:

Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2008 by clicky

"Do yourself a favor and check out this new domain tool!"

One of the best perks for blogging for the Logistik Labs Domaining Blog is the opportunities to find the newest and freshest domaining tools available for all domainers to use. Week after week, we relentlessly scour the Internet to find that one brand new domain tool that we simply can't live without. Some make life easier for the average domainer and some simply don't offer too much to write about. As the week was closing down, I found roughly 3 new domain tools that I wanted to share with my readers, but each seemed to lack that certain something. Just as I was deciding not to post a Domain Tool Of The Week (that would be the first time in a long time), I stumbled across a fantastic new tool that saved the day.
Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to introduce:

So what's Dbanq
Simply put, it's the ultimate domain management tool to track, valuate & organize your domain names.

--Keep track of when domains were registered and when they expire.
--Organize your domains by your own specific criteria in smart groups.
--Get the Google PageRank for all of your domains.
--Display the number of incoming links to your domain.
--The dbanq valuation tool determines the value of your domain based on a variety of factors and uses a scale of 0-5 to represent how valuable it is.


And not only does Dbanq group together a lot of the necessary support features to help the modern domainer, but there are also future plans to implement a domain sales area to allow easy purchases of expired domain names. Although in beta, this domain tool is destined to become a highly-utilized tool by amateur and professional domainers alike. 

Basic membership to use Dbanq is FREE, with the option to upgrade (for only $10) to allow unlimited domain monitoring and unlimited smart groups. Basic membership allows 9 domains to monitor and 3 smart groups. Either way, you can't go wrong. 

I personally like the attractive color scheme and the straight-forward interface. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to and sign up for your FREE account to allow immediate access to a great domaining tool that I feel will just get better and better over time. 

And don't forget to subscribe here to stay ahead of the pack and get latest and greatest brand new domain tools sent directly to you from Logistik Labs.

Enjoy the new tool and happy domaining!


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Domain Tool of the Week:

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by clicky

"Brings all the latest domain forum posts into one easy-to-read thread!"

If you're like me, you frequent some domaining forums throughout your day. Maybe you visit NamePros, DNForum, AcornDomains, and a few others. Maybe you visit DiscussNames or DomainNameForums and DigitalPoint? Either way, taking time to visit each one sure seems to be rather time consuming but how else can I stay informed and read the latest posts from my favorite domaining forums? 

I'd like to introduce you to is a website that organizes all the latest posts at the most popular domain forums and processes them into one simple and complete forum thread.  Each quarter hour, the site will feed in the most result threads generated on sites like DigitalPoint, NamePros, and DNForum which pretty much eliminate the need of visiting all three sites unless you see something that sparks your interest. If you do see something your looking to grab, clicking on the thread will bring you there in a new window so you don’t lose your spot. 

This tool rules. 

Source: ComeDomain

How "Healthy" Are Your Domain Names?

Posted on by clicky

With my annual doctor's appointment scheduled for next week, I thought I'd implement some sort of medical theme in today's post. You see, my upcoming visit is for my yearly physical examination which helps determine how healthy I am as a person. This inspection is very important and allows me to fix or correct any bad trends I may be doing to my body before permanent damage is done. This same concept can be used towards domaining. There are a few things we need to review at least on a yearly-basis to make sure our domain portfolio is "healthy" and "robust". I have listed some tips and suggestions below for helping your domains stay fit, trim and effecient. Welcome to your Domain Name Annual Check-up.

The Parking Exam: Manually check the status of each domain name in your portfolio. This may take some time but I'll explain how it is beneficial. Each one of your domains needs to be either developed for traffic or parked for revenue. This is important. You see, most domain registrars that sell domains have a default status your purchased domain goes into that allows that registrar to park your domain for free, with no benefit of receiving any sort of income from traffic or clicks. You can fix this. The name servers for each of your domains needs to either point towards a domain parking program that allows you to monetize visitor traffic or towards a developed website that allows visitors to interact and use. Allowing the default server settings to stay on your new domain purchases does not benefit you at all since visitors that click or visit the webpage will ultimately be putting money in the pocket of the registar and not the owner. It's your domain name, so take advantage of monetizing the traffic by choosing a free domain parking provider like Sedo while you decide on what to do with your new domain.

The SEO Exam: During this exam, we will be checking the search engine optimization of your developed domain names that have a working website. Metatags, keyword tags and Google page placement are just a few things that are important in determing the health of a domain name. Better SEO means better publicity, which in turn means better value for the domain. Do yourself a favor and check out sites like SEObook, SEOchat and BruceClay to familarize yourself with simple things you can do to help optimize your SEO and tweak more value into your domains.

The Backlink Exam: Who's linking to your domain names? You don't know? Well find out by using tools such as iWebTools Backlink Checker to see which other websites are directly linking to your domain names. The more relevant the site is that is linking back to your website, the better the quality of the backlink.  Feel free to inform us of your own domain-related websites for the upcoming Link Love Monday article, where we show some love by posting links to interesting domaining websites suggested by our readers. Enjoy the free link from us!

The Whois Exam: Correct, complete and proper Whois information is a very imporant detail in the well-being of a domain name. Not only does it serve as a means for a potential buyer to contact you regarding the possibility of purchasing your domain, but it also is used to confirm a certain domain is registered to a certain person or business. Take a few minutes and check the Whois information of your domains at, Internic and If you want to protect your privacy when it comes to your domain name registrations, opt to use a proxy buying company or pay the small extra fee offered by most registrars to activate private registration.

The Sales Price Exam: So you've listed some of your domains for sale. Great! Traffic is good and steady but hey, if the domain is so valuable, why is no one offering to buy it? Good question. It's not that the domain is not wanted, it's just that the sale price may be too high. Face it, the asking price on most domains listed is pretty ridiculous. With the recent sales of premium domains, it's easy for a domainer to believe they are sitting on a multi-million dollar portfolio. Truth is, if your domain is up for sale and you've either received no requests to buy or traffic is minimal and scarce, you probably have it listed too high. Re-examine the domain for sale and check current trends or fads that may have caused you to list the high price when you initially purchased it. Edit your sales price, list it again and entertain any reasonable offers you receive. Keeping the sale price too high almost guarantees you either having to reg it again or confining the domain to a life of obscurity. You bought it to sell it, so multiply your chances of receiving an offer by pricing it fair and reasonable.

The Expiration Exam: Dropped domain purchasing is a huge aftermarket niche. You can believe that every single day, there are a growing number of domainers that search and hunt the newest dropped domains and scoop them up, some of the time without the original domain owner even knowing their precious domain is available to be bought! This can be a huge nightmare, believe me, I know. Protect yourself by checking the expiration on all your domains and setting them to automatically renew. You can thank me later.

The Competitors Exam: Pull up Google and search for your domain keyword. Notice the paid for Google Adwords sponsor links that pop up in the search page? These are your competitors. These websites have paid to have their domain automatically invade the page when a certain keyword is searched for. These sponsor links are there to take traffic away from your site. Research these competitors and know thy enemy. 

Utilizing these 7 simple domain tips can help add value to your domains and increase your peace of mind when it comes to the  "health" of your entire domain portfolio. Take the time to examine your name investments on a regular basis to avoid costly mistakes or negative trends in efficiency.  

staar test

7 Ways To Improve Go Daddy

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 by clicky

In the land of today’s ICANN-accredited domain name registrars, one company leads them all. This company is of course Scottsdale, AZ based Go Daddy.
With discounted registration prices, budget-friendly hosting packages, free value added services and the always popular and edgy Super Bowl commercials, Go Daddy has undoubtedly positioned itself as the world’s most popular domain name registrar.

With all this exposure and publicity, it’s easy to believe Go Daddy has figured everything out when it comes to dominating the domain registrar industry. While this may true in some aspects, there are a few things that noticeably need to be improved in order for Go Daddy to not only stay on top, but to evolve into the next generation of domain registrar.

Today, we will be covering 7 Ways To Improve Go Daddy.

1.Chill with the upsells.
This issue seems to be a common agreement amongst most Go Daddy users. If you’ve ever registered a domain with Go Daddy, you know exactly what I mean. Extra available options seem to flood the screen as you begin to process your purchase and every user must be careful not to accidentally add special services or domains to their cart. The default interface assumes every customer wants to also purchase other tld extensions of their domain and relies on you to manually uncheck the option before continuing with your purchase. As you continue, other add-on services continue to complicate the buying procedure and the once simple task of registering your domain begins to turn into an overwhelming marketing attack of impulse buying and upselling. Offering options is certainly acceptable with any domain purchase, but this method needs to be toned down. Even the confirmation email sent from Go Daddy to your email after your domain purchase is riddled with more special offers and promotions.

2.Chat support would be nice
At the time of this writing, Go Daddy boasts an impressive 6 hour response time for email inquiry responses and a 9 minute wait time for telephone support. As good as this may seem, there is room for improvement. Today’s domainers expect a certain level of support from the companies they choose to do business with and Go Daddy has proved they take their customer service seriously. As the world’s largest domain registrar, it would seem the option of instant chat support would be implemented to assure their customers immediate and real-time solutions to possible problems or complicated situations. Just imagine typing out a problem you are experiencing and having a live agent respond back with a simple link you could click on and instantly be taken to the web page that would help you to solve your situation. No hold times, no delayed email responses and the added value of being able to figure out your problem when it’s convenient for you. Extra complicated situations may still need to be resolved with telephone support but most daily dilemmas or questions could benefit from this chat support option.

3.Be more visible at domain industry conferences and events
Now here’s a question: Why is it that the company that sells the most domains in the world is nowhere to be seen when it comes to important domain industry conferences and premier events? Does Go Daddy feel these professional engagements have nothing to offer to them? If so, shame on them. Events such as DomainFest and the GeoDomain Expo have noticeably lacked the presence of Go Daddy even though these prominent events continue to factor the overall pulse of our industry. If I were them, I’d be front and center showing my dedication to the people who drive the marketplace commerce. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the Go Daddy girls.

4.Accept MoneyBookers as a payment method
Go Daddy currently accepts payments by credit card, check, gift card and PayPal. The option to choose MoneyBookers as a payment preference would greatly widen the customer base for Go Daddy. Domain registrar Dynadot offers this choice and benefits from tons of domainers who choose not to deal with PayPal and instead opt to use MoneyBookers. Limiting this popular payment method certainly is not helping Go Daddy reach out to new customers.

5.Better forums, please
Have you taken the time to visit Go Daddy’s latest attempt at a customer forum? If not, don’t feel bad. You’re not missing much. Go Daddy has taken the liberty to launch Go Daddy Connections, a forum-style business community that let’s users post comment threads and such. At the time of this writing, there are only 35 discussions created and 20 of them were started by Go Daddy staff. A lively and interactive forum environment is what I assume was expected but instead, a graveyard of old posts and unanswered user questions is what was produced. Forums rely on a few key characteristics to allow it to succeed and Go Daddy Connections fails to meet the expectations. First of all, a better forum layout, such as at NamePros or DNForum is what domainers seem to migrate to. Ditch the fancy business-theme atmosphere and make it a straight forward user forum that people will actually utilize.
And don’t forget to have a few customer support experts constantly roaming the forum to help and assist members. Go Daddy has the customer-base to create a thriving and huge domainer forum if they want. Maybe enticing people to use the forum by accruing points towards Go Daddy discounts with a certain amount of posts would build the buzz? Just a thought.

6.Uncomplicate the interface
Do me a favor and and check out the Go Daddy homepage and compare it to the homepage of Notice a difference?’s user interface is clean, minimal and a lot less distracting. Registering a domain is the focal point on unlike Go Daddy’s perplexing multiple click options. With 6 different text fields on Go Daddy’s homepage, a potential customer immediately has to go into “search mode” just to find out where to search for a possible domain. Too many initial buttons and links (there are easily over 50) on the homepage create a sense of unneeded clutter. Do us all a favor and uncomplicated the interface.

7.If at first you don’t succeed, try again
So Go Daddy’s first attempt at a signature auction didn’t exactly do as well as expected. Only 2 domains were sold and domain insiders questioned the quality of premier domains being offered. Chalk it up to learning but I feel Go Daddy has learned a great deal from their first auction fiasco and should be eager to redeem itself as a major contender of aftermarket auctions. The hiring of Adam Dicker of DNForum to head up their Domain Name Aftermaket division definitely gives hope to a possibly upcoming and hugely successful signature domain auction. I personally look forward to this.

As a long time fan and user, I am genuinely pleased with the service, support and pricing I have come to expected from Go Daddy.  As the domain industry grows and the popularity of registering domains become more and more mainstream, companies such as  Go Daddy must continue to stay one step ahead of the pack and pioneer new and exciting endeavors to accommodate the always evolving domain industry.  But hey, that's just one domainer's opinion. 


Domain Tool Of The Week: Estibot's Overture Popularity Tool

Posted on by clicky

"Ten times better than Yahoo Overture."

For all you domainers that loved Yahoo Overture, you're going to love this week's Domain Tool Of The Week., the free and popular instant domain appraisal website, has launched it's brand new Overture Search Popularity Tool.

This new domaining tool allows users to type in keywords and be shown immediate popularity search results from Overture and Google.  The higher the search results, the higher the popularity of people searching for that particular keyword. Results are shown instantly while you type.

Knowing popular search terms associated with a particular keyword gives domainers a huge advantage when deciding what domains to register when it comes to a certain topic or keyword. 

Using the Estibot's new domain tool is effortless and simple.  All you need to do is type a particular word in the text field and results instantaneously appear. 

I give Estibot's New Overture Search Popularity Tool a thumbs up and will surely utilize this new domaining tool when appraising a domain's value

Also, don't forget to check out Estibot's other great domaining tools such as Domain Extractor, Portfolio Appraiser,  IDN Conversion Tool, and the Type-in Traffic Tool. 

Watch The Banned Go Daddy Super Bowl Video (EXPOSURE)

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2008 by clicky

Here's the internet-only Go Daddy video that was announced to the world during the second quarter of the 2008 Super Bowl.  The title of the video is "Exposure" and features sexy Go Daddy girl Danica Patrick. 

Go Daddy originally intended “Exposure” to be its Super Bowl ad, but Fox rejected it, insisting the word “beaver” be removed. Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons refused, saying instead, he would “make lemonade out of lemons.”

Also, I've included the internet-only White Light Directors Cut video.

As the post-game celebrations were being broadcast, was already reporting more than 1.5 million visits to its site. Those numbers continue to climb rapidly.

"White Light" Director's Ad Cut

How Do Your Domain Sales Stack Up?

Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2008 by clicky

(courtesy of DNJournal)

So we are officially two months into 2008 and recent domain sales are beginning to confirm that domain sales are still big business. 

The first "big" sale of 2008 was Rick Schwartz's sale of to CNN for $750K.
The second notable sale was Moniker's huge broker sale of for a reported $4 million.

In 2006, only 70 domain names sold for a six-figure amount.
In 2007, that number rose to 106.

So the question is: "Where do your domain sales stack up against our industry's recent sales?"

If you're like most, they don't even come close to being in the same ballpark to the ones noted above.  But's that's okay. The domain marketplace is an intelligently designed ecosystem that relies on many components working together to create a climate of structured supply and demand.  If you can supply what someone demands, you can be successful. The key is having what someone wants, when they want it.  This is what distinguishes a professional domainer from a weekend-domainer. 

And this is what we will cover in our up-coming article "Creating Demand For Your Domains". This will be a 4-part series covering topics such as brandability, trend forecasting, alternate marketing and fuzzy logic. Subscribe to our feed here and make sure you don't miss out on this explosive series. 

You're sitting on at least one "goldmine" domain name, you just don't know it  yet.

Register for the 2008 Domaining Yearbook

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2008 by clicky

Don't be left out of the most important networking directory ever produced in the domaining industry!

"An essential networking tool for domainers and developers, the 2008 Domaining Yearbook will be a compelling yearbook featuring an extraordinary "who's who" of the domaining industry. Neatly arranged in a engaging custom print format, the 2008 Domaining Yearbook will be unveiled in May, at the 2008 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in Orlando, FL."

To register for the 2008 Domaining Yearbook, simply fill our the form here and submit your photo. Upon registering and submitting your photo, you will receive a confirmation email with two business days.

Submit your request here.

Domaining Terms 101

Posted on by clicky

Do you know the difference between TypoSquatting and PornoSquatting?
What about Domain Frontrunning and Domain Warehousing?
Domain tasting and domain kiting?

Brush up on your knowlede of domain terms and read this great article by Enrico Schaefer titled: 

And if you have time, check out Enrico Schaefer's interview with Modern Domainer Magazine.

Enrico Schaefer is the founding attorney for Transverse Legal, PLC.

Domain Tool of the Week: AjaxWhois 2.0

Posted on by clicky

"Get the discounted $6.95 .com Go Daddy registration when you use AjaxWhois. No code needed."

So everyone knows I'm a big fan of "real-time" domain searches.  I want immediate results without having to search and allow the page to load each time I want to search for a domain. 

I also want to purchase those domains without having to pay absurd high prices or crazy renewal fees. Well, that's exactly what you get with AjaxWhois 2.0.  

Not only are your searches instant and quick, but the newly updated AjaxWhois 2.0 has negotiated lower prices from Go Daddy when you make your .com domain purchase through AjaxWhois. Get the discounted $6.95 automatically and save a few bucks! No code needed.

Instant searches and discounted domains, now that's what I'm talking about.

Enjoy the tool and happy domaining,


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