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Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2008 by clicky

"Do yourself a favor and check out this new domain tool!"

One of the best perks for blogging for the Logistik Labs Domaining Blog is the opportunities to find the newest and freshest domaining tools available for all domainers to use. Week after week, we relentlessly scour the Internet to find that one brand new domain tool that we simply can't live without. Some make life easier for the average domainer and some simply don't offer too much to write about. As the week was closing down, I found roughly 3 new domain tools that I wanted to share with my readers, but each seemed to lack that certain something. Just as I was deciding not to post a Domain Tool Of The Week (that would be the first time in a long time), I stumbled across a fantastic new tool that saved the day.
Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to introduce:

So what's Dbanq
Simply put, it's the ultimate domain management tool to track, valuate & organize your domain names.

--Keep track of when domains were registered and when they expire.
--Organize your domains by your own specific criteria in smart groups.
--Get the Google PageRank for all of your domains.
--Display the number of incoming links to your domain.
--The dbanq valuation tool determines the value of your domain based on a variety of factors and uses a scale of 0-5 to represent how valuable it is.


And not only does Dbanq group together a lot of the necessary support features to help the modern domainer, but there are also future plans to implement a domain sales area to allow easy purchases of expired domain names. Although in beta, this domain tool is destined to become a highly-utilized tool by amateur and professional domainers alike. 

Basic membership to use Dbanq is FREE, with the option to upgrade (for only $10) to allow unlimited domain monitoring and unlimited smart groups. Basic membership allows 9 domains to monitor and 3 smart groups. Either way, you can't go wrong. 

I personally like the attractive color scheme and the straight-forward interface. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to and sign up for your FREE account to allow immediate access to a great domaining tool that I feel will just get better and better over time. 

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Enjoy the new tool and happy domaining!


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