Network Solutions Takes On Sedo, Moniker & GoDaddy

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 by clicky

Resources say "NameJet" is the proposed name of Network Solutions new domain name auction service.

Network Solutions has applied for a trademark on “NameJet”.
Industry insiders state that this is the first of many stategic moves that Network Solutions is currently initiating to effectively penetrate the growing and profitable aftermarket domain marketplace.
The trademark class details of the "NameJet" term includes:
On-line auction services; on-line auction services featuring domain names; on-line auction services for businesses, consumers, domain name holders; domain name registration and sales services; on-line bidding services featuring domain names; domain name backorder request services; on-line proxy bidding services.
So what about SnapNames?
Will Network Solutions end their harmonic partnership with the popular domain reseller?
It may be too early to tell but rumors are beginning that indicate that as their contract with SnapNames comes to an end, Network Solutions will be in prime position to take on the mega players in the domain reseller aftermarket and re-establish themselves as a prominent force in the domain industry.

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