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Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2014 by clicky

It happens to so many moms - your maternity leave is up. You’ve decided to go back to work. Or maybe you just need a few hours a day on your own to keep your sanity and get some things done around the house. No matter what your reason, sometimes you need to start looking for a day care for your child, or children.

Your little ones are so incredibly important to you - like many mothers say, having a child is like having a small piece of your heart out of your body, that can walk around on it’s own. Find fitbit coupon. So you want to know that your children are getting the best care possible, all the attention they need, and that they feel 100% happy and safe at their day care.

How to Choose A Good Day Care
1. Word of Mouth Do some research! Ask your friends, neighbours, any moms you can, about where they have brought their children. You will definitely find a few horror stories about certain spots - you can eliminate them right off the bat and narrow down your selection.

2. Figure Out Your Priorities Do you want your child to simply enjoy themselves, or do you want them to have an educational experience? Does your child have special needs, or severe allergies? You need to take into account exactly what you want from a daycare - if you’re find plunking your child down with a few cartoons, paying for a daycare full of child development specialists may be unnecessary.

3. Choose Your Schedule If you are navigating through your schedule, take that into account as well. If you are only dropping your child off for a few hours, are they going to be getting a snack, or a meal? Are they going to be napping for a good chunk of that time? Think about what you are going to be doing in that time frame - for example, if you’re going to be attending a spin class, when you pick up your child are they going to be just waking up for a nap and ready to run around for the rest of the day? Or will they have done a few activities, had a snack, and are ready for some rest.

4. Test Drive Grab your kid and spend an afternoon at the day care you have in mind. How are the caregivers with the children? Are there enough toys, enough supervision for the amount of children?

5. Kid Stick Rate If you are at the day care at pick up time, maybe have a chat with a few parents. How long has their child been going there? If you’re seeing families with children that have been attending that specific daycare for months or even more than a year, you know that the family is obviously pretty happy with the service they are giving. No matter what you do, make sure that you are 100% confident with the spot you choose, and that it has honest, caring and genuine caregivers to take care of your littlest family members.

Written by Sara Quinn, editor at Potty Training For Girls.

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