Link Love Tuesday: Domaining

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 by clicky

Lots of stuff going on in the domain industry, and we are lucky to have some great resources that help cover and inform all of us about the current events and present trends.  Below are some articles, tools and news that caught my attention this week.  Thanks to everybody for suggesting some of these reading selections and enjoy the domain link love.

1. - A special thanks to Francois at for inviting Logistik Labs to be part of their blog news feed.  What an honor! This site is great for getting all your latest domain headline news in one steady feed from some of the best domain blogs out there. Bookmark this site.

2. - Good domain article about how the Canadian extension .ca is picking up way better than the .us national extension. Check out the article here

3. FractionalDomaining - This blog written  by Neal Voron is a look at the world of buying, selling, owning, developing and monetizing of fractional domains. As fractional domain ownership increasingly becomes a more popular, Neal will be there to cover this every step of the way. Bookmark this.

4. DotSauce - If you don't check out this site on a regular basis, you're really missing out. Mark at DotSauce has committed himself to bringing a constant flow of good information on a regular basis to all domainers. Almost 700 RSS subscribers can't be wrong. 

5. - My day wouldn't be complete without stopping by Julia's domain blog and checking out the latest rant or opinion about our domain industry. Beware, very addictive.

6. What’s Up With GoDaddy’s .Biz Pricing? - article covering the recent price raise in Go Daddy's .biz extension pricing. 

7. Domain-Pop- (tool) I recommend this backlink checker over a few others when checking backlinks for your domains. It allows you to check Link Popularity, Domain Popularity & IP Popularity. 

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