Go Daddy Declares April 29th WebMasters' Day

Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by clicky

"If newspaper carriers, cartoonists, doctors and hairstylists all have their own day, it's time for Webmasters to receive the same recognition. That's why, to honor the professionals responsible for the content on Web sites across the world, GoDaddy.com is declaring April 29 Webmasters' Day."

Good karma on Go Daddy's part by honoring and recognizing the efforts of these behind-the-scene professionals who are invaluable to any company with an online presence. 

"The Internet wouldn't be where it is today without this underappreciated group who keep content on the ‘net fresh," GoDaddy.com CEO and Founder Bob Parsons said. "I think a day to remind everyone of how vital Webmasters are is way overdue."

For more information about Webmaster's Day or to send a virtual postcard to your Webmaster to thank them for all they do, visit http://www.GoDaddy.com/WebmastersDay

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