Mix.com - The Worst Usage of a Good Domain Name Ever

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2008 by clicky

Found this humorous article over at Mashable about how the owner of the domain name: Mix.com is not using this short, premium, generic and brandable domain name even remotely close to it's fullest potential.

(sample excerpt)
"The site has a photo of a girl in a bunny costume, holding a tray, with two fire extinguishers in the background. A Daffy Duck effigy, hung on a Christmas tree. A badge that says “We support the Writers Guild of America.” Two links to some CDs on Barnes and Noble, and a very short explanation of “How To Unlock A Password Protected Panavision HDW-F900 Camera."

I can see how this may drive some domainers crazy seeing such a great domain name used in such a nonsensical way. Who knows, maybe they will receive some offers after people hear about this? streampix app

Read the article here.

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