What Kind of Domainer Are You?

Posted on Thursday, April 10, 2008 by clicky

Are you an Investor?  What about a Flipper? You might be a Monetizer? 

Found a fun post over at Media Wizard's blog that divides domainers into 7 general categories according to how they proceed with a domain after purchase.  

The categories are:
- The Investor
- The Flipper
- The Developer
- The Builder
- The Monetizer
- The Broker
- and The Provider

Here's a sample excerpt:

The Investor
"These are the sharpest of them all. Buy good quality when prices are low, hold long term, sell high. These guys hold onto assets, maybe even develop them, ensure that they’re hot and in demand when the market is totally ripe, then sell them. The advantages of emulating this type is that you can afford to sell 1% of your portfolio each year and still manage to pull in the major bucks. The downside is renewals, unless your portfolio generates enough revenue, this cost needs to be factored in. People like Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, Sahar Sarid, Adam Dicker, Michael Goldman and probably most of the other big ticket guys will be found in this group."

Take a moment and read the rest of the post here.

And don't forget to comment back  after you decide what category you fit into.
Personally, I think I fit into a couple of groups.  

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