Domain Tool of the Week: Domain Idea Box

Posted on Monday, April 7, 2008 by clicky

Over at, Tia has created a brand new domaining tool named the Domain Idea Box that helps domainers generate domain name ideas from a simple keyword or phrase search while also allowing unique data type parameters to be set . It's free and I'm already addicted.

The look is clean, simple, fast, powerful and straight-forward and this is why Tia's new domaining tool is our Domain Tool of the Week.

Let's take a look at in in more detail.

Still in beta, with only one text field and one button, it will take a user about 10 seconds to understand the simple elegance of using the Domain Idea Box. But don't let the simplicity fool you to what this tool can do.

First, you enter in a keyword or search phrase in the text field. Next, you have the option to search by either .com, .net, .org, .info., .tv, .biz or unfiltered.

The next step is to narrow down the data type you are searching for.

The options are:

You finish by clicking on the "Generate Ideas" button and The Domain Idea Box instantly creates multiple suggested ideas right at your fingertips for you to use. The best part is you can check availability on any of the generated results by clicking on the green checkmark box next to each given result directly with Moniker.

Free, easy and simple. And with this tool still in the beta stage, I am hoping to soon see a wider TLD extension selection available that may include .mobi, .Asia and maybe some IDN's. A choice to use other domain registrars to check availability would be nice too. All in all, this tool rocks.

One more thing. I know a lot of domainers out there are skeptical in using any sort of search/generation tool for fear of someone stealing your ideas but don't worry, Tia is a member of the ICA and adheres to a strict code of conduct of not collecting or storing any query data information. Thanks Tia.

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