13 Ways To Improve Your Domain Trend Spotting

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 by clicky

Searching for the newest global trends is a relentless and time consuming task. All over the world, each minute of the day, new trends are emerging that unsuspecting consumers will be influenced by because of their of their "newness or freshness" and flock to find out more information about that certain product/service or fad. As a domainer, it is advantageous to be on the cusp of these brand new trends to create a domaining strategy that will be beneficial for people wanting to know more about them when they research them online. (think keywords, not cybersquatting)

Below are 13 websites that I personally use on a frequent basis to familiarize myself with current trends and forecasts that are creating a stir on the global marketplace. A little research can harbor great rewards for a domainer.

TREND HUNTER is the world's largest trend spotting and cool hunting community. It is an explosion of cool, fueled by a global network of trend spotters and cool hunters. Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on the ability to anticipate the latest trends and identify the next big thing. By tracking the evolution of cool, Trend Hunters generate ideas, stimulate creativity, and ultimately unlock cool.

Y Combinator is a venture fund which focuses on seed investments to startup companies. It offers financing as well as business advice and other opportunities to 2-4 person companies looking to take a great idea to a product. Y Combinator looks for companies with “good” ideas over companies with experience and a business model.

Engadget is a multilingual technology weblog and podcast about consumer electronics. The weblog has won several awards. Engadget currently has four different sites, all operating simultaneously with each having its own staff, which cover technology news in different parts of the world in their respective languages.

The Guy Kawasaki Blog, a practical blog for impractical people, covers the world of innovation and marketing from the viewpoint of a successful and popular quirky business perspective.

AdRants is an editorial that covers emerging marketing and advertising trends, cultural and demographic shifts affecting advertising strategies, new campaign launches, viral and buzz marketing, useful industry research and the examination of the industry's shift from old paradigms to new.

ValleyWag is a tabloid-style news and gossip website about Silicon Valley and it's technology. It is kind of tongue-in-cheek but offers good insight to the current status of the high-tech hotbed.

Cool Hunting is a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology, and features weekly videos that get an inside look at the people who create them.

Killer Startups reviews 30+ internet startups per working day and allows member voting for the one you think will be a killer.

The Business Week Innovation Page lets visitors read the latest design news on product design, game design, branding, and architecture. Get information on business process innovation.

Google Hot Trends is for sharing the the hottest current searches with you in very close to real time. What's on our collective mind as we search for information? What's interesting to people right now? Hot Trends will tell you. At a glance, you'll see the huge variety of topics capturing our attention, from current events to daily crossword puzzle clues to the latest celebrity gossip. Hot Trends is updated throughout the day, so check back often.

Springwise and its network of 8,000 spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds from San Francisco to Singapore.

Cscout Japan is the most innovative and trendsetting country in the world with a great and still undeveloped potential for European companies. Japan’s Automotive Industry is the No.1 worldwide. Japan is the leading innovator of electronic appliances and gadgets. Japan is the birth place of the gaming market and boasts with the most advanced Mobile Communication Industry. It is well-known for its Media, Manga/Anime, successful TV shows and series etc.

T3 magazine online - the hottest gadget news and technology reviews from cameras to mobiles, TVs to MP3 players.

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