Domain Tool of the Week: Nameish

Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 by clicky

Stop wasting time thinking of domain names for your project!

Ever racked your brains trying to come up with a killer name for a forum, project, business, blog or idea? Sure, we all have.

What if I told you there's a tool out there that aims to simplify that process by offering you a quick and easy way to find a suitable name that represents your idea so that you may continue on to the bigger tasks at hand? Never fear, is here.

Nameish was created by Jason Hines of Devtwo Creative Software.

Here's his description of this cool domainer tool:
"Nameish is an attempt to help ease the creative hurdle in finding a good brand/domain for your web application. Often when a developer has a good name for a project, they can spend quite a bit of time simply thinking of the right name for it. As we know, proper branding of your project is critical and not all of us have the resources of a marketing team at their disposal."

How Nameish works:

Nameish finds suitable names based on the following logistical steps:
-Thesaurus suggestions
-Web 2.0" naming suggestions, such as Flickr and

(From these results, you are able to quickly lookup the domain for availability.)

Another cool thing about this tools is that it shows the most recent searches queried by other domainers to help spark even more ideas for you. More features are set to come.

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