Would You Park Your Domains For Charity?

Posted on Friday, December 7, 2007 by clicky

Last night, I was out with my fiance enjoying a nice simple dinner when I was approached by the waiter at the end of the meal and was informed that 50% of my dinner expense was going to be donated to a local charity.  Seems that on the first Thursday of every month, each patron that dines at this particular restaurant is participating in a charitable event that allows half of the dinner expense to be donated directly to a benefiting charity. I was instantly delighted. Not only did I get to enjoy a fabulous dinner with my significant other, but I was helping out an organization that helps out others... and I didn't even have to exert any extra effort or thought. Seems a win-win for both parties.

And that's when it hit me. If I could get joy out of helping those in need by simply following my regular routines and lifestyle, could this somehow be implemented into the world of domaining? As a smile slid across my face, my fiance asked me what I was thinking about. I simply responded: charity domain parking.

It would probably take tons of work, but in theory, it seems simple enough. Create a domain parking service that allows members to park their domains with the option of how much or how often the revenue generated from their natural traffic clicks would be donated to their charity of choice.  There could be a list of charitable, non-profit organizations to choose from and even the option to keep their donations on a local-city level.  Think about it. Maybe you opt to allow your domains to donate their click revenue once a month on a certain day (as the above mentioned restaurant did) to a deserving non -profit or simply opt to allow a certain percent (with a set maximum) to automatically be contributed per month. You would still profit from the domain parking service AND effortlessly endow an deserving organization with a positive financial contribution. I don't know about you, but I can almost feel the good karma that would be involved with this endeavor. 

Beyond the evident, I'm sure there would be a lot of facets and "red-tape" to be ironed out before this idea would be actually be materialized such as tax write off options, relevant advertisement stipulations and domain server management.  But to me it still seems something that could be achieved by a group of committed individuals. 

And that's the million dollar question: Would You Park Your Domains For Charity?

I'd love to hear the thoughts from some fellow domainers about this and maybe even form some sort of partnership to assist in bringing this idea to light. 

I can be contacted at: info(at)LogistikLabs.com




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