You Might Be A Domainer If...

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2007 by clicky

... you think .mobi is a whale.
... on your job application you list cybersquatting.
... you can recite GoDaddy promo codes from memory.
... you've named one of your kids Alexa.
... you think "tasting" has nothing to do with food.
... you've appraised your own name.
... your main source of income is Adsense revenue.
... your Sedo rep sends you holiday cards.
... you consider "traffic" a good thing.
... your company's CEO is not as important as it's SEO.
... you own a "Vint Cerf for Pres" shirt.
... you have a diverse portfolio, but don't own any stocks.
... you consider new visitors to your home as unique.
... you've registered a that doesn't even make sense.
... you'd rather register a domain than register for class.
... you consider Whois a social network.
... you still refer to Zuho as SwapNames.
... you're not a lawyer but can recite trademark laws from memory.
... you own some sort of iphone related domain name.
... your backlink quality is more important than your quality of friends.
... two words: ICANN
... you've ordered chips & Dotsauce.
... you knew GoDaddy before he was even a father.
... you've been in a fistfight because someone has dissed your Pagerank.
... you've registered a celebrity's name.
... you consider parking nothing to do with an automobile.
... you're favorite quote is "may the Rick Schwartz be with you."
... you've posted over 1,000 posts in any domain forum.
... you trust Estibot more than your girlfriend.
... you've registered a misspelled word...on purpose.
... you cried when all the LLLL's were gone.
... you don't know a country's capital, but you sure as hell know thier .cc
And the last reason You Might Be A Domainer is.... have a bracelet that says "What would Frank Schilling Do?"

Thanks in advance to everyone in the domain industry. This is the beginning of my new blog that is going to be dedicated to the pulse of the domain game. Please check back if you have time and keep up the great work!

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