They Mystery Behind Go Daddy and

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 by clicky

Last week I started a forum thread over at NamePros regarding the recent death and removal of the infamous, old-school instant domain appraising tool we all knew as:

The old Leapfish site all of a sudden now seems to be directed to the homepage of a company known as ePerks.
Not alot is known about ePerks except that they provide real estate, car and home improvement deals & incentives, and are owned by a division of Brabus Ventures.

The fact that Leapfish is no longer around is not the mystery. The top choice in domain appraising tool support nowdays is and the exit of Leapfish from the domain game is not exactly a surprising shock to anyone.  So what's the big mystery? The buzz in the domain industry is the obvious similarity between the Go Daddy logo and the ePerks logo that has people suggesting a possible affiliation partnerships between both companies.

Below are a few forum threads I found while researching that suggest there are others out there  who have heard this "rumor".

As far as I can tell right now, Go Daddy is in no way, shape or form affiliated with There is no domain-related information on the new leapfish site and the whois for both names does not indicate a similar owner. Other that forum "buzz" this seems probably to be false.

But don't get me wrong, The ePerk's logos definitely resembles the cartoonish Go Daddy guy logo right down to the sunglasses, but that simply may be coincidence or bad market branding.
But the fact that the owners of ePerks decided to buy a well-known domain industry appraising domain name and have it link to their own homepage  is what has me scratching my head. Did they want the traffic? If so, why use the targeted traffic of a domain appraisals site and forward it knowing that 100% of that traffic will bounce because of an unrelated topic. Maybe there's more to it than this?

HHmmm... seems I may have to pull out the ol' detective hat and do some rooting around. 
If anybody else has heard anything or finds any other information, please post it here for us to see. Thanks in advance.

I'll be back to post my findings.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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