New Hot Trend: Domain Selling Using Video Presentations

Posted on Friday, November 16, 2007 by clicky

Flipping through the TV channels, I ran across the ever-popular QVC channel, which as everyone knows, is a home shopping channel that allows viewers to buy assorted products over the phone or Internet as they are being "showcased". I sat and watched for a minute or two and thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if the show began selling premier domain names or maybe even bulk name listings?" Imaging visiting a website that shows live video streams of domains that are being sold for a set price or maybe even recently expired domains that are fresh on-the-block and ready for new owners. This all seemed outrageous to me at first... then it all sank in.

If domain names are called "virtual real estate" why isn't there a market for domain name owners to "showcase" their domains as actual real estate sellers do? If someone is selling a home, do they just list the house address & price and list it as that. Nope, they list the address, show the amenities, age of house, condition of house, house size and all that relevant stuff to help them sell their home to a potential buyer. Why would we not do the same things for our "virtual real estate"? It would be sort of an "open-house" for your domain.

As I sat there watching QVC, I noticed that with each item being presented, the host would explain the benefits of owning the item, explained the pricing, showed the features and did his best to make the viewer feel that this is an item that they can't do without. Don't you wish you had that chance with the last domain name you sold? With this idea you could. Each short presentation (maybe about 1 minute in length) could display detailed stats associated to the domain being sold such as price, brandability, backlinks, traffic stats, PageRank, future market trends, potential market interest, website inclusions, register info and overall appeal of the domain being sold. This would benefit the seller by allowing them to show-off their domains and possibly ask for a higher price than if they just listed the name for sale on some stagnant webpage. It would benefit the buyer because they would know exactly what they are buying and all the mandatory information needed to justify the purchase as needed. Seems to be a win-win situation. Better pricing because of more detailed selling information.

It's Friday and I may be crazy... but could this be an actual possibility for a new trend in domain selling? Is it that outlandish to imagine a website that people submit their short domain presentations to and have potential buyers watch their clip and make a buying decision?

I know, I know... the whole entire thought seems crazy and absurd, and that's why I flipped the channel. But I'm still intrigued. As a matter of fact, I switched back to the QVC channel and let a flood of ideas flow into my head. Could this have legs? Could this possibly be a new, updated way to sell domain names in today's marketplace? Would you be up for it?
Consider this "testing the waters".

Send me a message here with your opinions/feedback or visit for more information on possibly being part of the beta phase of this new and exciting endeavor.


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