Domain Forums Are Vital To The Domain Industry

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 by clicky

Throughout my 8 years in the ever-changing domain industry, there are only a few things that have remained constant: One, is that the shorter the domain name, the more value it is perceived as. Second, cybersquatting has always been an issue since the beginning.'s just that we didn't have a name for it yet. Thirdly, quality domain names are steadily decreasing every minute of the day. And lastly, if I needed advice, tips or just general knowledge on anything domain related, I could always turn to my pals on my favorite domaining forum and get straight, free, no-nonsense advice 24 hours a day...everyday.

The last one is the one I want to talk about today.
Domaining Forums. The lifeblood of our domaining industry.

Use any search engine to look for domain forums and as you can see, there are no  shortages or lack of choices. Some are geared more towards "domain newbies" while others are so exclusive and professional that you can only become a member by invitation-only. Don't believe me? Check out Rick Schwartz's private  Targeted Traffic Forum.
Either way, forums were created with one thing in mind: To allow groups of people to assemble and interact with open discussion on a certain topic or topics. Domaining is no different. We have forums for the sole purpose of allowing domainers to virtually congregate and conversate. Some of the more popular domain forums are NamePros, DNForum, & DomainState. There's even some quality forums dedicated to foreign or international domainers such as AcornDomains and IDNforums

One similarity between all these forums is the fact that they all can be used to monitor the pulse of the domain industry and serve as a educational, positive resource for all domainers. Whether you utilize these forums for their marketplace appeal for selling or buying domain names, or if you visit to stay current on developing trends or domaining news, both serve a major purpose in our industry. 

I remember when the only way you could chat about domaining was being able to find an obscure thread on some obscure webmaster site and hoping the people chatting didn't think you were a moderator that was sent to close down a thread because it was not relevant to the forum.  But even back then, when the niche of domainers was just beginning and you didn't flinch to spend $90 on a 1 year registration, one thing amplified over time: domainers help other domainers. It's a competitive industry but the same quirky friendliness and passion that began back in the day radiates just as strong today.
I'm constantly impressed by the simple one-sentence conversation threads that are always evolving on today's domaining forums. It's not hard for anyone to see that our industry is expanding and becoming more aware and knowledgeable about the power of domains in today's world marketplace. What started as a weekend hobby developed in to a thriving emerging industry that is taking a lot of people by surprise.  Ask Adam Dicker, owner of the previously mentioned DNforum. Adam was recently hired by Go Daddy to become their Vice President of their Domain Name Aftermarket. What better person to steer the Go Daddy aftermarket than the owner of the most popular domain forum in the world? He's informed, he has connections and he has a steady stream of information being relayed throughout this forum. He's a wealth of knowledge because of his forum.

Just like Adam Dicker's DNforum, friendly criticism, honest opinions and the passion towards domains is what fuels the current domain forums of today. I'm noted a few threads I've found over the past few days that are really worth the read. Stay informed, utilize the forums and see you in the threads.

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